Mahi Challenge (see links below)


Mahi Challenge is home learning at its best.

At Whitiora School we expect all children to read each night ;  …..   and that

all children will participate in the MAHI Challenges for Years 1—8.

This expectation was formed after research, feedback from families, and consideration of all important factors in a child’s life, to ensure that we encourage  life-long learning capacities in our children. It is also an opportunity for students and families to participate in learning together.

A  MAHI Challenge means completing 10 activities in a year.  Two from each of the following categories  - Service, Giving, PE and the Outdoors, Academic  Excellence  and Excellence in the Arts.  After completing two from one category  a digital badge is added to their profile. Students should keep a MAHI portfolio for recording their work each year. 

At the end of each year, students who have completed all challenges for that year are presented with an award.  At the end of Year 8, having completed a MAHI Challenge in each year of their eight years at Whitiora School they will receive a carved Pounamu.

Mahi Challenges - click on the image to read the challenge options

Mahi Challenge - Year 1 and 2

Mahi Challenge - Year 3 

Mahi Challenge - Year 4 

Mahi Challenge - Year 5 

Mahi Challenge - Year 6, 7 and 8