Mahi Challenge (see links below)


Mahi Challenge is home learning at its best.

At Whitiora School we expect all children to read each night ;  …..   and that

all children will participate in the MAHI Challenges for Years 1—8.

This expectation was formed after research, feedback from families, and consideration of all important factors in a child’s life, to ensure that we encourage  life-long learning capabilities in our children. It is also an opportunity for students and families to participate in learning together.

The Whitiora MAHI Challenge: -

To complete 10 challenges in the year -                  

2 in each of the five H.E.A.R.T. categories:

  •   Honest - Giving & Service in the School
  • Engaged - Academic Excellence
  • Attitude - Activity & the Outdoors
  • Risk-taker - Excellence in the Arts
  • Thoughtful - Service in the Community
Students should keep a MAHI portfolio for recording their work each year and a digital badge is added to the students digital profile after completing two challenges in a category.

At the en
d of each year, students who have completed all 10 challenges for that year are presented with an award.  At the end of Year 8, students having completed a MAHI Challenge in each year of their eight years at Whitiora School will receive a carved Pounamu.

Mahi Challenges - click on the image to read the challenge options

Mahi Challenge - Year 1 and 2 

Mahi Challenge - Year 3/4 
 Mahi Challenge - Year 5

 Mahi Challenge - Year 6, 7, 8