ILE - Innovative Learning Environment

An ILE provides an environment where children can be both relaxed and focused in their learning to achieve their very best. The well researched designs allow the best possible use to made of individual teachers strengths and the strengths of teaching teams for the benefit of all students. ILE caters for a range of learning styles and approaches including digital and inquiry learning. In an ILE students are able to collaborate easily with others and develop the skills they need for their futures.

ILE - supporting different learning goals

ILE - supporting different learning styles

ILE - supporting different sized learning groups

ILE - supporting different types of learning

ILE - space to be creative

ILE - space where you want to learn

Teaching in ILE Innovative Learning Environments allows us the flexibility to teach and work collaboratively in ability groups, rather than year levels and to assist children to map and monitor their own learning. This develops children confidently in the key competency of 'self management', fostering independence, organisation and decision making.