Car Parking

Whitiora School provides car parking for major events associated with the Waikato Stadium  We provide car parking for various events and season tickets can be booked and purchased through the school office.  These parks can be reserved for you.

All proceeds go towards the purchase of resources to enhance the learning for the Whitiora School pupils.


Cost:  $10.00 per car per game **

Season Pass:  $110.00 per car

The Whitiora School B.O.T and P.T.A use the school grounds for fundraising by parking cars for major events at Waikato Stadium.   (They covered  all the Stadium games for Super 15 rugby, Waikato ITM Rugby, All Black and international rugby games, Rugby 7's, rugby league games, and National Soccer). 

A Season Pass covers all the Super 15 and Waikato ITM rugby games (including any semi-finals and final games) for a year.   A park is kept for you on the sealed part of the grounds , but it is requested that people with passes have their cars parked half an hour before the start of the game, otherwise you will have to park wherever there is a space on the grounds.  The sealed car park is also used for people with disabilities.  

Contact the school office (Ph: 839 5579) at the beginning of the year to arrange for one to be 

The grounds open approximately 2 hours before a game and are closed 1 hour after the game.  This timing is the same for any other event the school is being used for parking.  If a car remains after that time, the school retains the right to have the vehicle towed away and extra charges will apply (School  $50, and any HCC charges) for you to reclaim your vehicle.

Cars are parked on the school grounds at the owners risk, but there are always people in attendance during the course of the game to minimise that risk.

** Prices may vary for International games, and events involving more than one game, or a game with supporting activities
** Parking is provided for International Rugby 7's.